Teaching Myself Persistence

 This is borrowed/lifted from

New Year:
Day 1: Envision your goal/resolution.
Day 2: Prepare. Get ready for change.
Day 3: Your positive affirmation is “I am worth it.”
Days 4: Clear clutter. It helps clear the mind.
If you made it past day three, you’ve just increased your chances of success by about 40%. Kudos!
Day 5: Take a walk. You’re still clearing the mind.
Day 6: Appreciate, It’ll set your mind into positive mode.
Day 7: Reflect. Where were you and where will you be?
Awesome, you’ve made it! Just a week ago you weren’t even sure you’d make it here, but you did.
Day 8: You’re practically a professional now, but don’t rest on your laurels.
Day 9: You need visible evidence. Keep a New Year’s Resolution calendar.
Day 10: Meditate and take some “me time.”
Day 11: Be thankful.
Day 12: Your next positive affirmation is “I can make this happen.”
Day 13: Get excited! Each day is a new day.
Day 14: You’re two weeks in. You have a new way of life.
Day 15: Blog about your resolution success.
“Your intuition is always correct. Just write it down before your over-thinking buries it.” –
Day 16: Help someone else with their resolution.
Day 17: Be grateful.
Day 18: Do something spontaneous.
Day 19: Tell a stranger about your resolution (but don’t stalk anyone).
Day 20: Hey, is that you in that mirror? Why yes, it is!
Day 21: Add an entry to your blog. Tweet it.
Awesome! It’s the three-week mark! It’s a journey, and you’re well on your way.
Day 22: Buy yourself a little something. You’ve earned it.
Day 23: It’s not just a resolution; it’s a way of life.
Day 24: Oh heck, why not… bubble bath!
Day 25: From resolution to reality—that’s you.
“When someone is wanting to make a positive resolution for the new year, it is always a good sign!” –
Day 26: Dance to music while making dinner.
Day 27: Call an old friend.
Day 28: Volunteer for a day.
Day 29: Write another blog post and answer any comments. You’re helping people.
Day 30: Your new positive affirmation is “I knew I could do it.”
Day 31: Congratulate yourself! You’ve made it through all 31 ways to keep your new year’s resolution.


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