Exercise Doesn’t Make Me Feel Good

I have heard them talking in the locker room; I hear them gushing about their latest workout.  On and on.  As for me, it just isn’t so.  No, I do not love exercising.  No, I do not feel great after a “good” workout.  No. No. No.

I have tried a LOT of different kinds of exercise, from weightlifting to dance to swimming to running to bicycling and even various team sports when I was younger.  Unfortunately, I don’t like ANY of them.  I don’t like to get sweaty.  I have never felt a runner’s high.  When I finish exercising, I don’t feel great.  I am just glad it is over.

My doctor has urged me to do additional exercise and occasionally, I try to do so.  But, the only exercise I seem to be able to sustain over the long run is swimming.  So, I swim – not gladly, but I do it.  I swim 4 times a week for a little over 40 minutes.  I swim 48 lengths of a standard pool (25 yards) – 24 laps.  I used to vary the strokes I did, but my knees hurt too much when I do the whip kick now and I never was good at backstroke or butterfly, so now it is just the crawl (freestyle).  Even so, by the time I finish, my feet are cramping and in constant pain.  I once asked my husband to look at my feet while I was swimming to see if they were either bright red or completely white.  I thought maybe the pain they caused me might come from circulation problems.  But he said they looked normal.

So, don’t ask me if I feel great after my workout.  I don’t.  I only feel relieved that I am done for the day and can leave.  I guess I should make the most of that.


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