Yet Another Plea for Money

I care.  Yes, I do, but I am getting really bummed about being constantly asked to contribute money to a worthy cause. 

Here is one letter I wrote:

You know what is stopping me [from donating]?  All you will do is keep asking me for more money.  Money rules everything and it is something that, as a substitute teacher, I don’t have nearly enough of.  I am tired of being asked for more money.  I contributed recently to the Democratic committee.  What did I get as a result?  A plaintive plea for MORE money.  I know I don’t have a chance of getting to meet the president – the odds are completely against me.  But the odds of being asked for more money are 100%.  And I am tired of people thinking up new and better disastrous possibilities, if I don’t give you more money.  Yes, I care.  Too much, in fact.  But I hate just being asked for more and more money.  It only proves that nothing counts, except for money.

Laura Walsh

And, you probably won’t even read this, since all you care about is whether I contributed or not.  Sigh.